About us

company has been founded as a result of technological concept from University ETH Zurich, Switzerland and financing provided by the Wroclaw Research Centre as a part of Operational Programme “Innovative Economy” 3.1 (POIG 3.1). The Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ is a minority shareholder of Nauru.
Wroclaw Research Centre, EIT+:
Laboratories at EIT+:http://bi.gazeta.pl/im/89/c3/d7/z14140297AA,Laboratoria-EIT--.jpg
Nauru development team is providing the visual system technology, which is applied by production companies and many R&D groups world-wide in diverse application fields such as biology, medicine, finacnces, business inteligence, quality control, physics, geophysics, confocal microscopy, MRI or CT scanners.

Our company mission
is to help people in providing better controlling systems.

Our team is collected from internal and external experts with academic and industrial background.